Day Two

I would like to say that, like yesterday, I have no receipts to account for.  But unfortunately this isn’t the case.  I actually spent quite a bit of money today. 


First of all, I spent almost $50 on clothing for work.  I got three shirts – two short sleeved cotton and one long sleeved button down- as well as a headband and two hair clips.  Like I said, I really do need clothes for work and at three items for $50, this was much better than the clothing I did NOT purchase yesterday.   One of the shirts might actually be going back.  I’m going to try it with several pants and skirts that I have and see if it truly is dressy enough for work.  If it is, great.  If not, I do not plan on keeping it for casual wear because I already have plenty of casual clothes and do not need another cute shirt. 


Second, I spent $13 on a pair of silver earrings.  They are very simple Tiffany-style ball earrings.  Again, these are for work and will likely be my everyday earrings.  I have wanted them for quite some time and purchased them with the cash in my wallet so I have no regrets here. 


Third (and finally) I spent $8.50 on lunch from Panera.  This wasn’t because I had been out shopping, but because I am studying for the GRE and needed a quiet place to study for a few hours.  I alternate between a Starbucks and a Panera near my house and have spent the last few times at Starbucks so it was time for a change.  Plus, I went to study in the mid-morning and Starbucks would have been loud and crowded with the businessmen and women getting taking their midmorning break.  I got to Panera, grabbed a coffee, studied for a few hours, and then decided to eat lunch there as well because I was getting hungry but wanted to put a few more hours in.  The $8.50 also came out of cash in my wallet, and is an expense that I do budget for, so again- no qualms about it.


In the interest of full disclosure, I will also give myself a pat on the back for money that I saved today.  A good friend of mine just bought a Wii and invited me over for a gaming night.  (I’m not a big gamer, but who doesn’t love MarioKart Wii?)  He suggested that we grab takeout and then eat it at his house while we play.  I decided to just eat dinner before I head over and told him I would bring some cookies that I made for dessert.  Now, this may seem really lame and cheap (and had I known about this plan earlier, I likely wouldn’t have eaten at Panera) but he and I did this same exact thing two nights ago.  He makes about three times as much as I do and spends far less in other areas, so I don’t judge him for getting dinner.  I just won’t be joining him. 

Cheap?  Smart?  Your thoughts?


July 8, 2009. Uncategorized.

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