Movies are Expensive!

Movies are really expensive! I went last night with the boyfriend and tickets were $10 each! I couldn’t believe it. I’m not sure when movies got so expensive. I thought they used to be the easy date night option for not spending a lot of money. I’m not a big moviegoer, but if I were, I can tell you that that particular hobby alone would break the bank.

So, in honor of the ridiculous expense that we paid last night, I pondered what we could do around my area for some great and inexpensive (or free!) dates. There are probably many more out there –these are ones that appeal to me and came to my mind. Some of these are geared towards the summer; I’ll update the list with some winter additions once the seasons change.

1. Discount movie theaters. You know, the ones that show movies already out of main theaters or even ones that are already on DVD. It’s usually $1 or $2 a ticket around here. ($4 total)
2. Biking/hiking trails. Free, and lovely in summer and early fall. We’d have to drive a bit further out into the suburbs for this one, but it’s totally worth it. We call this a “Saturday date” because it’s more of a daytime thing and requires a drive as well. ($0)
3. Free days at museums/art galleries/etc.
4. Dollar bowling nights. We would probably play two games so $4 for games + cost of shoes.
5. Wii night. This could just as easily be any other gaming system, but as far as I know, the Wii has the widest range of appeal to all types of audiences. Provided someone has a Wii, free entertainment.
6. Destination drives. The bf and I are a big fan of this one. We’ll read about the best ice cream or hot dog stand or coffee house or whatever- in a small town within an hour or so of us and head out there and check out the town and particular establishment. (Cost of gas + treat)
7. Bookstore nights. We grab a coffee, a bunch of books and magazines we’re interested in and plop down in comfortable chairs and spend a few hours in air conditioning and away from everyone else. ($6-ish for coffee)
8. Music/movies in the park night: Most towns around us have free outdoor entertainment during the summer. Local bands will play or they’ll show movies on a big dropdown screen at night.
9. Day at the beach/on the river/lake. We consider this more of an event for a group of friends rather than a date, but the beaches are free and we generally bring in a cooler of food and a Frisbee – plenty of entertainment, again for a Saturday.
10. County fairs, town festivals, etc.
11. Garage sale shopping. In honor of my move, we’ve been hitting up garage sales for cheap furniture or home goods. We haven’t had a lot of luck, but between the two of us we’ve found some interesting treasures and oddities that we just couldn’t pass up – probably spending about $5 in 10 or so hours of shopping.


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