Simple Living- Housing

So come August 1, I will be packed and moved to my new home in New England. Although I will be working full time and rent is low, I’ve decided to do something that most people don’t consider past their college days: I’m going to be living with a roommate.

I have never met this girl, although we do have a few friends in common. We’ve spoken on the phone many times and I’m not at all worried about the situation; she’s quite a wonderful person from what I can tell. She’s going to be working as a nurse in the next town over-but not quite at full time. So, money-wise it was smarter for both of us not to live alone.

There are many benefits other than simply paying less rent. It’s not just our rent that is going to be lower. Our utilities, cable and internet, and even some food will be shared. Also, although we both have cars, we can take turns driving to things like the grocery store and church- thus cutting down on gas money for both of us. I have never lived alone in my life and I don’t know how I would have liked living alone in a new city where I know very few people. In college I never had fewer than two roommates, even in the dorms.

We both have similar ideas about just how much privacy we need to be able to live together. My roommate and I realized that we both wanted our own rooms-no exceptions on this. Size didn’t matter; this was more of a privacy thing. We realized that one bathroom would suffice, but that we wanted to make sure that there was a parking lot that we both could have a spot in. Neither of us smokes nor own pets, which would have been a deal breaker for each of us in a potential roommate.

Like I said, we’ve found a great little place for both of us that meets all of the requirements above. I find that a roommate is more of a blessing than a burden. I am very even-tempered, so unless she is quite different than she describes, I cannot imagine us being less than cordial and I likely see us becoming good friends. I felt a bit like an incoming college freshman when we were discussing what we’d bring to the place and what are likes and dislikes were, but after that bit of awkwardness passed, it has been great since then. Neither of us really needs an entire apartment to ourselves (there were no studios in the neighborhoods that we were looking in) and so having a roommate is a great perk for both of us. It would have been wastefully in terms of both space and finances for us to each live on our own.


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