Expensive Weekend!

I titled this post only slightly shamefully. In all honesty, I spent all three days this weekend (Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday) with three good friends/groups of friends that I will probably not see for another four or five months.

Before more details, here’s the breakdown:

Friday night – concert tickets ($30)+ dinner ($6) transportation ($10)
Saturday – movie ($10) + food ($10)
Sunday – ice cream ($6)

The concert was a band that I absolutely love and the tickets were purchased well in advance. As for transportation, there really was no cheaper way to get there. If we had driven, parking would have been much higher. Dinner that night was sandwiches on the way from the train station to the concert. Saturday’s movie was Harry Potter. I’m not at all a moviegoer, but this was one that I was excited to see. The food was what killed me. My friend and I decided to share something. Then, in figuring out how to split the bill I wound up paying more than my share, which made me a bit annoyed. That really wasn’t worth it and could have been skipped.

Though this wasn’t a normal weekend, I feel like I learned a few things from the experience. First of all, it was interesting to note that the little things I spent money on would not have been a big deal if I had only slightly more money in my account. Secondly, the fact that I could have gotten a better deal on a movie theater snack has really bothered me. It taught me to take a few extra seconds to think about any purchase-and seek out a better deal. Combos or movie theater pairings aren’t a good deal-rather, they’re simply pushed by the theater.

Lastly, I’ve decided that I am someone who needs a fun fund. I am not saving for a vacation or a new car and nor do I need or want anything like a new computer or small appliance. So I think that I can afford myself this luxury. $200 to $500 tucked away somewhere that isn’t easily accessible but that I can draw on whenever something comes up (like a friend visiting me for a weekend or when I come home for the holidays) makes a lot of sense to me.


July 21, 2009. Uncategorized.

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