Emergency Fund, Emergency Fund, Emergency Fund

There. I’ve got it. It took a while, but the importance of having an emergency fund finally set in for me this morning.

I use my bike as my main form of transportation when I’m at home. And, I have a babysitting gig every weekday morning that I ride to. Well, I go outside this morning to grab my bike, and find that the back tire is completely flat. Flat as in it must have a hole, because I just put air in it last night. Wonderful.

I now need a new tire and would have been late for work except that I was able to borrow another family member’s bike.

The bike will have to wait to be fixed, because I’m short on cash right now. Because I don’t have an emergency fund that would take care of this exact issue.

Lesson learned.


July 22, 2009. Uncategorized.

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