Use things up!

Many people who advocate for frugality will stress the importance of taking good care of your major purchases (homes, cars, electronics, etc.) so that they will last longer and remain in better working condition for longer.

I think there is another aspect to this piece of frugality. Use disposable things up! I cannot tell you how many times a roommate of mine would buy new shampoo or deodorant because she was ‘tired of her old one’. Because they never felt in the mood to return to those cast off toiletries, I also cannot tell you how many bottles were thrown away as we moved out of the apartment.

Not only is this incredibly wasteful and environmentally un-friendly, but it is also an expensive habit over time. If you’re someone who needs to change things up often, then rotate between a few shampoos or toothpastes or whatever, and when each one finishes, replace it with a new and different one. It’s that simple. Boredom is a terrible reason to be wasteful.


August 9, 2009. Uncategorized.

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