Checking in…

It is never a good sign when your dashboard shows you nothing but ‘older posts’. I sincerely apologize to any readers that I have left. Thanks for sticking with my slacker self. I hope to make it worth your effort.

Really nothing much has been happening money-wise for me, which is mostly what motivates me to write. I am still working out minor kinks to my budget, so I am waiting a while before posting that.

I’ve paid off one store card completely (yay!) and will have paid off the other one at the beginning of next month. Then everything is going towards my one main credit card. I have about four months of an emergency fund saved up – but I also have an especially stable job so that is slightly less of a worry for me. Only slightly.

Life is good in this new town of mine. I feel like I am finally starting to connect with people and have a chance for somewhat of a social life. (Sidenote-that came out far more pathetic than I meant it to.) I don’t live in an especially youthful town, so it was hard at first to meet and connect with people my own age.

I hope things are well with all of you!


September 23, 2009. Uncategorized.

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