What the heck do you eat?

I get that question a lot, actually. I’ve mentioned it to many people (in real-life, as well as blog land) that I spend as little a very small amount on food each week. They are always curious as to how that translates into actual meals. As a result of this question, I’ve posted below some of the things that I purchased and my meals for the week. First, a note about my meal plans. Yes, I realize that many would see this as boring and repetitive. I do, too. It’s the downside of buying and preparing food for one. I’ve not yet found a solution for cost-effective variety and that doesn’t create much waste. I absolutely hate food waste. Seriously, it really bothers me – but that is not what this post is about. My current solution to the repetitiveness of the day-to-day is to have very varied meals from week to week.

And a second note about this plan. You’ll notice that there is little preparation involved. In case you’re curious as to why, please refer to the open letter to Kaplan. That is what takes up all of my time, and I’d much rather spend it with exam practice and review than with making meals for the next few weeks. Normally, I could devote some of the weekend to meal prep, but I will be traveling these next two weekends for work, so that’s out of the question. This weekend I’ll be gone by Friday afternoon, hence no plan for dinner.

M – granola and yogurt (leftover from last week); coffee
Tu-F – toasted onion bagels with butter; tea

M – veggies and hummus, cheese, grapes
Tu-F – pita and hummus, grapes

M – canned veggie soup, pita bread
Tu- veggie and rice stir-fry
W- rice and beans
Th- canned lentil soup, pita bread

I snack on either dried fruit or almonds, and I have big bags of each that I’m working my way through slowly, from a shopping trip a few weeks ago.

This is an atypical week, especially because of travel, but I’ve only spent about $20 on food. I’ve forgotten exactly, but here are the approximations. The soups were 2 for $3, the bagels 2 for $4 (so I have extra in the freezer), hummus $4, grapes $3, pita bread $1.50, and $4 for carrots, a green pepper, and a cucumber.

So, there’s your answer. Let me know if you have any suggestions.


September 29, 2009. Uncategorized.

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