Ten Thoughts of the Morning

1. I had a juicebox and scone for breakfast. I’m sure they were mine, but I can’t remember where they came from for the life of me.

2. I love fall weather.

3. I’m so happy to be wearing a dress and tights.

4. Pandora is wonderful, and I can’t remember the last time that I bought music on iTunes.

5. I really need to get more running in. I am nowhere close to 25 miles.

6. I have to travel again this weekend, which will sadly mean no running and no studying.

7. I’ve been tracking all of my spending for the last few weeks. It’s enlightening; I highly suggest that anyone interested do the same. Plus, it becomes habitual.

8. Yesterday I learned that many of my co-workers don’t balance their checkbooks regularly. It’s good to know that I’m at least a step ahead of some people.

9. Soup is the perfect fall lunch food.

10. I am not ready for winter weather. I’m afraid it’s goin to come long before I am.


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No-spend week musings

My eyes are exhausted and my brain is mush, but I am well on my way to making 100 hours of study this month. I feel like I’m still a student and that my work is just my campus job, which is hilarious to me.

As I mentioned a while back, I decided to have two ‘no-spend weeks’, instead of a weekend, because I don’t have a free weekend until December. Well, they’ve been going just fine, I was successful last week and am on track to be so this week as well. But I don’t think that this is something I will ever do again.

Finance and frugality are often compared to dieting/nutrition, and I feel like this no-spend week idea is as unrealistic as a semi-sustained crash diet. For a weekend, no spending is great; it’s like a juice fast to detox your body. But drinking juice for two weeks just so that you fit into your jeans a bit easier, or not spending any money so that you have a few extra dollars in the bank, is less wise. I don’t like the fact that I have a small list of things (necessities) that I need to buy, and will as soon as this is over. I don’t like that I can’t wait to be able to spend again. This whole idea is just too limiting.

Now that I’ve learned that lesson, I’m off to pack my backpack and head to work. Yes, backpack. Okay- maybe I still feel like a student because I haven’t graduated to a big-girl bag. Ah, well. The Northface and I are tight; I’m not planning on switching any time soon!

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Quick Goals Update

Cross my first goal off of the list! 

I travel often for work and sometimes front the cost of trips and am later reimbursed.  The reimbursements normally take almost a month, but one came especially quickly -and at the same time as a paycheck, so I was able to put the entire reimbursement (which I wasn’t expecting to recieve till much later in the month) plus a bit of my pay towards the class.

Now it’s on to the rest of them- I think I’ll be tackling the clothing switch this week.

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October goals

It’s a new month, and I have new goals in mind. October and Breast Cancer Awareness always remind me of the importance of living life to its fullest. Without getting too detailed, I lost an important mentor in my life to breast cancer almost three years ago. Since her death, I wear my pink with pride and remember that ‘it’s not the years in your life, but the life in your years.’

So here you are – my October goals.

1. Pay off half of the Kaplan class. (My debt repayment is taking a short hiatus as I’ve significantly increased what I owe because of this class. But let me tell you, this class is worth every penny.)

2. Run 25 miles. I am a fan of running. I did a fair amount this summer, but I’ve been so busy since I moved that I haven’t been very good about running. And I can feel it. Whenever I do go for a run, it’s like my body says ‘Thank you. Do that more often please.’ I really should listen.

3. Prepare a meal for friends. I am also a fan of cooking and I haven’t done much of that since moving either. It’s just not as much fun to cook for yourself. No one I’ve meet here is keen on eating out, which is fine with me because I have yet to hear of an especially great place here, but sharing a meal is such a ‘friend’ experience and I find it funny that we really haven’t done it yet. Plus I love planning menus. This will be fun!

4. Go through the transition from summer to winter clothing and also get rid of anything that I no longer wear. And by ‘get rid’, I do mean donate.

5. Log 100 hours of Kaplan practice.

6. Find a pair of work-and-winter appropriate shoes. This one is truly a struggle.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Go PINK for October

Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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