No-spend week musings

My eyes are exhausted and my brain is mush, but I am well on my way to making 100 hours of study this month. I feel like I’m still a student and that my work is just my campus job, which is hilarious to me.

As I mentioned a while back, I decided to have two ‘no-spend weeks’, instead of a weekend, because I don’t have a free weekend until December. Well, they’ve been going just fine, I was successful last week and am on track to be so this week as well. But I don’t think that this is something I will ever do again.

Finance and frugality are often compared to dieting/nutrition, and I feel like this no-spend week idea is as unrealistic as a semi-sustained crash diet. For a weekend, no spending is great; it’s like a juice fast to detox your body. But drinking juice for two weeks just so that you fit into your jeans a bit easier, or not spending any money so that you have a few extra dollars in the bank, is less wise. I don’t like the fact that I have a small list of things (necessities) that I need to buy, and will as soon as this is over. I don’t like that I can’t wait to be able to spend again. This whole idea is just too limiting.

Now that I’ve learned that lesson, I’m off to pack my backpack and head to work. Yes, backpack. Okay- maybe I still feel like a student because I haven’t graduated to a big-girl bag. Ah, well. The Northface and I are tight; I’m not planning on switching any time soon!


October 7, 2009. Uncategorized.

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