Ten Thoughts of the Morning

1. I had a juicebox and scone for breakfast. I’m sure they were mine, but I can’t remember where they came from for the life of me.

2. I love fall weather.

3. I’m so happy to be wearing a dress and tights.

4. Pandora is wonderful, and I can’t remember the last time that I bought music on iTunes.

5. I really need to get more running in. I am nowhere close to 25 miles.

6. I have to travel again this weekend, which will sadly mean no running and no studying.

7. I’ve been tracking all of my spending for the last few weeks. It’s enlightening; I highly suggest that anyone interested do the same. Plus, it becomes habitual.

8. Yesterday I learned that many of my co-workers don’t balance their checkbooks regularly. It’s good to know that I’m at least a step ahead of some people.

9. Soup is the perfect fall lunch food.

10. I am not ready for winter weather. I’m afraid it’s goin to come long before I am.


October 14, 2009. Uncategorized.

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